Pat Dickinson

Patrick "The Diesal" Dickinson
NOTE: Yes, it's "Diesal," not the fuel "diesel." We do know how to spell.
5'8" 160 lbs.
PR: 17:53
Quote: "Pat Dickinson got THREE pieces of ass this weekend, count 'em three."
Likes: Cross country, Hard core pornography, Rick Suminski's parties, the Draconic voice, the Carolinas, Tiger Pride, NA, hos, NA hos, talking, American Eagle, Tequila sunrises in a blender, Thrift Stores, Mac's humour, hair gel, Jetz, Zoo, Co Co Nuts, Stratus, clubbing, King's Family Restaurants, Salvation Army and Goodwill, Volunteering, PatPackets, talking loudly, awards, boys and girls and their clubs, complaining, HJ in a bottle.
Dislikes: Losing, shin splints, the Dartmouth baseball coach, Ms. Wilson, ugly hos, silence, Lora Kim, PatDiesal (his on-line evil twin,) The Who Live at the Isle of Wright Festival Disc One (Why Pat, Why?).