So, here I am. I'm back. I bet you never thought you'd see the day when Scott Dai actually took back responsibility for the website, eh? Here it is. What you may be wondering is this: is the rumor true that I won't be runnig this year? Sadly, to some degree, yes. I have decided to retire my jersey after countless finishes in the back of races. No, I feel no bitterness at my lack of speed. No, it is not this inferiority that makes me quit.

It is because I realize that I would not have been running with all my heart if I continued this year. I believe it would thus be a worse crime to consider myself an official "member" of the team if I was not contributing 100%. Instead, I will attempt to help the team in areas where I do excel: statistics and web site construction. I will feverishly put more time this year into the website, because I will be spending less time running. I will also try and keep a good running tally of all times and records of the members of the team. In this way, I hope to give back to the team what it has given me.

I know some of you will still feel that I betrayed the SUDA spirit, that I have lost my way. I respect your opinion, and I simply ask you to respect mine. It is not as if I am shunning the entire sport or becoming a male cheerleader. Far from it. I am becoming a team member who is contributing his time and energy into the sport and the team, just as before - the only difference is the way I'm doing it.

May the force be with you, and stay well. I will see you when the season officially starts. We'll kick some ass.