CAPTION: This is the official middle shcool cross country photo from 8th grade. The coach on the left is Mr. Graham. He told us that we would be state champs by our sophomore year if we all stuck together. Lenny left, and Pat got injured, and I got sick and never really was any good in high school .... and so we got second in states our junior year ... Oh well, we have one more shot. If you know any of these people, this is hilarious ... really.

Email me at if you want a better quality version. This is really compressed to save space.

BACK: Coach Mr. Graham (The legend), Jason Flannery, Pat Dickinson, Dan Pomerantz, Maneesh Sharma, Me, Matt Hall, Andre Moura, Leonard Wholey, Eugen Motoyama, Brandon Tung, David Wiggins, Matt Mallet, Nikhil Bhatnagar.

MIDDLE: Neil Aggrwal, Rob "Richard Simmons" Thibedaeau, Mark Melada, Matt Lancaster, George Roland, Garret Reagan, James "Slacker I play hockey so I can't run" May, Paul Hohler, Nick Ragheb, Cort Cass, Cyrus "Athlete of the Month" Raji, Willy "Nilly" Hopkins

FRONT: Jared Lange,John George, Grant Hutchinson, Ragu Vijaykumar (manager), Steve Harris (should have been manager), Jimmy Duan, Kris Sukanich, Brian Cannon, Chase Gladstone.