In a tragic turn of events, Matt Welch lost a section of his foot at a recent pool gathering which occurred at fellow cross country member Chase Gladstone's house. In a valiant attempt to make a grand entrance into the water, Welch accidently stepped on the plastic cover of a filter by the side of the pool. Being of the super strength that he is, Welch managed to shatter this plastic cover, sending shrapnel everywhere and in the process killing several communists.

However, for this noble deed to humanity, Welch had to pay a dear price. When he did enter the pool, he found that his right foot was now incapicitated by some of said plastic shards from the shattered filter cover. A deep cut resulted, and Welch was sent to the dreaded trainer, where he was bandaged and passed out twice (mainly from him trying to probe his cut).

The dozen communists or so remain dead and news on the grapevine is that Welch is seeking a settlement from the pool filter cover company before taking the case to court. Damages are looking upwards of $500,000.

Currently on the extended 5 day DL, Welch is expected to be back in top shape for the Spiked Shoe Invitational on the 16th at Penn State.