From the banquet on Sunday, November 15, 1998
   by Brandon Tung and André Moura

Len Wholey
   Best hats
   Second Best web site

Matt Hall
   Most musical talent
   Worst taste in music

Dave Busis
   Best abs

   Best team of brothers

Pat Dickinson
   Best swimmer
   Largest megaphone

Aaron Magid
   Best parted hair

Charlie Cheever
   Most team spirit
   Highest SAT score
   Best web site
   Best dressed during warmups

Matt Welch
   #1 warm-up runner in the state.
   #1 JV runner

Ben Follansbee
   1997 PIAA AA-warm up champion
   1998 PIAA AA-warm up runner-up (see Matt Welch)
Sam Prentice
   Ms. Kolde's favorite runner

Andrew Bell
   Fastest runner
   Greatest lung capacity

Evan Hepler-Smith
   Most likely to join the circus