Captains Enjoy Prom





In the eyes of those weaklings unable to handle a real sport - football players and the like - prom was no different from any other year. The dance floor was admittedly a bit smaller, and the food was a bit better than most years. In the eyes of Shady Side Cross Country, however, prom has changed dramatically.

In past years the prom has been somewhat of a joke, with captains of previous Mac Pacs tagging along with relatives of other runners and other embarrassing moments shaming the sport's "popularity". Recently though, I'm proud to announce that things have changed; the new captains have ushered in a new era…

The night started out as any normal prom would, meeting at Bugsy's house for the limo, riding into town to the Duquesne Club, and mingling amongst the crowd of those not accustomed to having CC runners in their midst. But we persevered and the whole shindig turned out to be a pleasant escapade after all. It was that which transpired after the formal festivities which shaped the night.

We returned to Bugsy's disappointed in the DJ for not having played any Queen, Faith No More, Guns N Roses, nor Metallica, and for having played only "You Shook Me All Night Long" of AC DC. But determined to keep our spirits up, we changed into our pajamas, and started in Bugsy's kitchen so as to refurbish lost energy with food and drink.  Amusements were provided in the form of games.  N*pple-Tag was their favorite.  Then the games moved to the pool room where they continued for most of the evening.  After a short time the migratory patterns of those married couples shifted towards the darker more quiet climate upstairs, where Bugsy later discovered them repeatedly whilst changing the CDs amusing his non-Suda friends below. So out of love for his fellow captain, one of our missing captains extended his migration up further to the den of an unbeknownst comrade downstairs.

All the while downstairs, Capt. Bugsy made progress with his own project - Project Ilene -  with the determination required of a CC runner.

Meanwhile, upstairs the conversation continued and was almost interrupted at a precipitous point when Bugsy attempted entry into his lair.  Luckily however, Bugsy had good sense, and lots of experience with such matters. Thus he avoided what was later to become known only as an embarrassing footnote to the evening.

After the night Captain Michael Quinlan was reached for comment, and told us "What an ***hole. Only one request. DON'T USE MY BED. Where does he go? What a f***ing son of a b**ch -" At which point he started mumbling uncontrollably and blinking his eyes rapidly.

Of the evening Sam had only to say "Wow."

After the night of mirth and festivities Bugsy did find some "stray" articles of clothing directly behind his sleeping quarters, but Sam having tactfully avoided conflict with Bugsy's parental control units, a successful night it was, and a good time was had by all.